CG Trade Company provides unique and fully customized international trading services. We provide global trading services and strategic sourcing for our customers who want to specifically focus on growing their business. CG Trade Company’s knowledgeable experts have in-depth experience in international trading practices in countries such as USA, Canada, Turkey, UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, China, Thaiwan, Dubai and other countries to ensure timely and proper product delivery.



Our philosophy is to link the colorful pieces of the mosaic which called international trade. With horizontal and vertical integration, in the last years, we had succeeded a strategical advantage which granted us a lofty degree of flexibility in order to reciprocate not only the highly complex and unpredicted fluctuations of the markets but also to confer an incessant flow of goods and services to our partners.

Our scope is to locate, negotiate, refine, elaborate, buy and sale a highly diversified line of raw materials and products with main goal to meet the continuous needs of our customers.

In our line of business shipping is the alter ego for every trading company. For this reason we established CG Trade Company

Though this limb we had managed to offer a full range of tailored made services to our customers, from the source to the end users.